We have created digital tutorial packaged in Disc to teach you One-on-One. You get to have an in-depth knowledge on

  • PC Essential
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • A Must For Every PC Owner



Answer the Examination test questions on completion of the training which is inbuilt. The Test results is automatically sent to you via an email, showing your scores. A score of 40% and above will qualify you for certification. Your unique product code qualifies you for a certificate. This code is expected to be sent by you via sms or email directly to us bearing your mobile number and email to enable us track your Test result (scores) as initially provided by you during the test. This unique product code authenticate your qualification to receive a certificate as a product buyer.

Each tutorial is simplified to teach anybody (even a child) and having a prior knowledge may not be required, all you need is

  • to understand English language (reading and Hearing)
  • have a Computer
  • know how to open Disc drive (or have somebody teach you) and
  • leave the rest to the power of our tutorial.

We give you in-depth insights to possible application of each tutorial clip as we teach

Created with one page Main menu that enhance your simple navigation, embedded with html hyperlinks to indicate taken tutorials.

A friendly interactive and simplified tutelage is sure