We help small businesses and individuals build software application that helps make their work easier. To stand by our word in making life easier for people we work primarily with the regularly used application software used in both homes and offices "Microsoft Application packages". These are application packages that has never gone into extinction as their daily need in offices is never neglected nor undermined even in bigger organizations. So, we enhance users experience by automating usage process through coding, and building interactive interface for data mining, analysis, processing and other functions. Since the use of these applications is not and has never been restricted across all business sectors we can help you build enhanced applications that make your life easier. These applications are needed for/in: Marketing, Schools, Library, Hotels, Farms, Account and Records, Banking, Expenses, Organizers, Sales Record, Accounting, HRM, CRM, Administration, Profit analysis, File Management System, Email Management System, Even for watching videos Etc. Clients can choose the option of using them remotely or Locally within a computer network. The sweet side of building such applications is

  • Having an application that works the way you want it
  • Works with great speed in functions for data analysis and retrieval e.g. MS Access Database
  • Software integration with other Office application e.g. MS Access can work with Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, InfoPath etc.; making different libraries our slave
  • Working with APIs
  • Relatively affordable
You don’t need monthly subscription to use them (unlike what we have online today) Choose your data server SQL, MySQL or JetEngine as backend We build in Microsoft Access, Excel & PHP all working like Number (3) above See some of our finished work and visit our download page to test them or use the free ones Contact Us today let's build yours